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Select fields in FACTIVA:

Accession Number (AN)
Author (BY)
Captions, description of graphics (ART)
Column (CLM)
Dateline (DLN)*
Down Jones Ticker Symbol/Company Code:Name (CO)**
Contact (CT)
Correction (CX)
Credit (CR)
Edition (ED)
Headline (HD)
Industry Code:Descriptor (IN)
Language (LA)
Lead Paragraph (LP)
Page (PG)
Publisher Name (PUB)
Reference (RF)
Region Code:Descriptor (RE)
Source Code (SC)
Section (SE)
Source Restrictor Code (RST)
Source Name (SN)
Subject Code:Descriptor (NS)
Text following lead paragraphs (TD)
Volume (VOL)
Word Count (WC)


Enter SC=J to search the newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, by its source code.

Enter SN=The Wall Street Journal to search the journal by its name.

Enter WC>1000 to retrieve articles of more than 1000 words.

* (DLN) allows you to search the Dateline field to retrieve content from a particular city. Please note that although this field is searchable, it is not displayable, meaning you will not see it when viewing an article. Additionally, only some publishers and information providers populate this field. Most of the content you retrieve using the Dateline field will be from newspapers and newswires.

**(CO) Organization codes are included in the Company channel. Dow Jones Ticker Symbols are searchable under Search and Alerts in, but they are not displayable in the full article view. Please note that when viewing an article, the CO field will be populated by Factiva Company Codes (must be logged in to view this link), which are searchable using the FDS field tag.


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