Answered By: Bobray Bordelon
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Prc is the closing price or the negative bid/ask average for a trading day. If the closing price is not available on any given trading day, the number in the price field has a negative sign to indicate that it is a bid/ask average and not an actual closing price. Please note that in this field the negative sign is a symbol and that the value of the bid/ask average is not negative.

If neither closing price nor bid/ask average is available on a date, prc is set to zero. In a monthly database, prc is the price on the last trading date of the month. The price series begins the first month-end after the security begins trading and ends the last complete month of trading.

If the security of a company is included in the Composite Pricing network, the closing price while listed on NYSE or AMEX on a trading date is the last trading price for that day on the exchange that the security last traded.

For more information, click on the question mark next to Price in the variables listed in the CRSP Monthly or Daily stock files.

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